What began as a practical solution to an ongoing problem enabled me to look into metaphors of healing, memory, mortality, labour and to the reciprocal relationships between humans and non-humans. Mending is an act I practice in my art and in my every day. Aside from the economic practicalities to do so, I mend out of empathy towards the garment, and a comfort to have delayed its ultimately fate in a landfill. I feel empathy towards the critical state of our environment where not only we humans suffer but also the animals and plants. I mend because the repaired objects are a tangible evidence of care. I mend because it is a noble act. Over time, I looked beyond clothing repair and more broadly at my role as a human being and an artist, I have become interested in the concept of repair in nature. Without dominance or harm, I am interested in creating absurd futile gestures and exhaustive acts of labour in order to create an experience that is palpable, absurd and meaningful. Relationships begin to develop and form with nature, yet the exchange of care does not truly benefit one party over the other, nor does it hinder.